My name is Ricky Hinton from Meridian, MS. I’m an Internet Entrepreneur and online webmaster. We focus on giving the consumer a fantastic experience.

I retired from the Marine Corps after 22 years of service to this great country.

Welcome To Shoppingfortoday.org

A little about me, so you know who your doing business with.

I am married and have two kids that keep me busy supporting them playing sports, basketball and track & field. In my down time I enjoy playing basketball, golf and going to sporting events.

I don’t live in a fancy house and I don’t drive erotic cars. Really don’t want to either. I like being a regular guy with a regular life.

I pride myself in superior customer service, so if you need anything, have any questions, or even complaints, don’t hesitate to contact me by email: admin@shoppingfortoday.org or by website: https://www.shoppingfortoday.org/contact. Rest assured, I take care of EVERY customer, EVERY time.

Why I Like working on line?

Actually the reasons are probably not what you’d expect. I love my online business because of the freedom and the possibilities. Not that I am against any of the bling. The best part of owning my own online business is I work for myself and work when I want to. I make my own schedule. I want to take a day off I do it. I want to spend time with family or friends I can do that any time I want. And more importantly I don’t miss those important events.

Be Blessed,
Ricky Hinton